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Football Cards & Collectibles For Sale

Most of the things you'll be looking for will be found most easily by checking in one of the following four areas. We have lists sorted by set type, player, and team.

List of items by Set Type

List of items by Pro Team

List of items by Player

List of items by College Team

If you can't find what you're looking for in the lists above, then try searching the lists by year below. These are large files and will take a moment to load. Use your browser's search tool to quickly search the page. If you can't find it here then we may not have it. Send us an email and we'll check to be sure.

1880 to 1939

1964 to 1967 1974 to 1975 1982 to 1983 1989 to 1990

1940 to 1949

1968 to 1969 1976 to 1977 1984 to 1985 1991 to 1994
1950 to 1959 1970 to 1971 1978 to 1979 1986 1995 to 1999
1960 to 1963 1972 to 1973 1980 to 1981 1987 to 1988 2000-present

Due to the wide variety of items we carry it's difficult to keep these lists updated as much as we'd like. Many items are one-of-a-kind and may not be available. Please check with us before sending payment. Thanks, Mike & Cindy.

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